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Why You Became A Chiropractor

I love my story about how I became a chiropractor and why I decided to be a chiropractor.

Growing up when I was in junior high in high school and my mom was super healthy-minded before it was a thing in our tiny community in the middle of nowhere, she was doing research, and she was learning about organic foods.

I grew up with more of that mindset and the possibility of living a healthy, natural lifestyle. I also had this desire then and I grew up with this desire to help people because not a lot of people in my tiny community knew about these things.

I decided to become a nurse. I got into nursing school, which was hard to do.  I was accepted, of course, into the nursing program. I was in the hospital and I was doing what was called, clinical. That meant being on the hospital floor and helping real patients. What I noticed when I was there is that people weren’t very healthy at all. It didn’t seem like people were getting healthy there.

While I was doing that, I started seeing a chiropractor my mom told me about and she said,”You’ve got to see this doctor. He’s amazing.” I did.

A month and a half after being in care with him, I dropped out of nursing school, and I decided to stop all of that and begin everything I needed to do to be a chiropractor.

That meant because it was so far into the semester that I had to beg professors to take me in their classes.

I said I’m super smart. I will catch up, I promise. A few let me in their class, and I was able to get my bachelor’s degree on time.

I graduated and two months later, I went to chiropractic school.

My mission is to help people be as healthy and well in their well-being as possible, but not only physically but emotionally and mentally.

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