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About Us

We are committed to delivering clinical excellence and exceptional customer service!

At Advanced Chiropractic Life Center, we are steadfastly committed to providing the best, most comprehensive, natural health care in our state- if not the Tristate area, country, and beyond! Caring and genuine, Dr. Lindsay Mack treats her practice members as people and family members, not numbers. Individuals enjoy the uplifting vibe they get at our practice.

“We want to get to know our practice members and what their health goals are. Our desire is also to also educate them about the nervous system and its amazing capacity to reorganize and function differently, and heal the body. – Dr. Lindsay

Empowering Our Practice Members

Everything we do is aimed at equipping our practice members with the education they need to take health into their own hands. “I realized that there is a massive need for people to feel resourceful in their body to be truly healthy. They’re not getting that at a lot of places,” she added. Dr. Lindsay is glad that she can fulfill that need and help people as she was helped with chiropractic.

Meet Dr. Lindsay and learn more about her personal journey to health through chiropractic care.

Some Success Stories

Each day at our chiropractic office, we see practice members across the spectrum experience incredible results. One of our favorite things is seeing that there are so many changes that happen over a period of time that people forget that they used to have certain problems.

For example, Dr. Lindsay sat down to do a check-in with one of her practice members. “I asked her how her panic attacks were doing and the woman replied that she forgot that she used to have panic attacks!”

Dr. Lindsay herself experienced panic attacks in her early 20s. She was diagnosed with severe generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). After seeing several medical doctors and not getting any answers, she sought the help of a chiropractor. Dr. Lindsay went from being in constant fight-or-flight mode to being perfectly at ease. She’s passionate about assisting her practice members as she was helped years ago.

Here are some other examples:

After a month of being under care, a little boy told his mom that he loved her for the first time. The child also reached out and grabbed his dad and kissed him; the boy had never shown any affection before.

We have a practice member, who has seen her osteoporosis scores change significantly for the better since she’s received chiropractic care. Her doctor said, “I don’t know what you’re doing, but don’t stop.”

A practice member had digestion issues; every time she ate, an hour afterward, she would have severe diarrhea. But since the woman has been under chiropractic care, she no longer suffers from diarrhea.

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