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Patient Video Testimonials

Our greatest passion is seeing our practice members experience the life-changing results of our chiropractic care. Using the Network Spinal (NS) technique, Dr. Lindsay provides gentle adjustments that teach the body to release tension. This technique also helps to alleviate pain, boost mood, increase energy, improve well-being and much more.

It’s so rewarding to get positive feedback from practice members who express their gratitude for our care. Please take a few minutes to watch the videos below and see how our chiropractic care has helped these patients lead healthier and more mobile lives. We encourage you to also read our patient reviews.

Discover how our unique form of chiropractic care could help you. If you’d like to learn more or schedule a complimentary new patient consultation, call (260) 483-8001 today!

Kyah Shares Her Story

Self care was just not working for Kyah. She needed something to change – so two years ago she gave our practice a try. Watch and learn how Kyah’s health and well-being has changed since beginning chiropractic care with Dr. Mack.

Judy’s Life Turns Around

Before starting care, Judy’s yoga teacher told her she was a “hot mess” – she had low back pain, was angry, and exhausted. She had been seeing another chiropractor for a while before coming to see Dr. Lindsay. Listen to how her life is different now!

Desare Feels Totally Changed

Listen to Desare share about her results while receiving care from our practice – and how her experience with POTS, menstrual cramps, digestion, anxiety, and her career has totally changed.

Donna Finds Relief From Pain

Donna felt hopeless. Frequently struggling with her pain, she was afraid that she was never going to be free of it but then she found Dr. Mack. Under her compassionate care she started having energy and stopped having severe pain. She’s living a normal life again all thanks to Dr. Mack!

Patient Video Testimonials | (260) 483-8001