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Chiropractic Care

Many people think that chiropractic must use a forceful approach to get results. That’s not true! Our gentle approach doesn’t require any cracking, popping, or twisting. We focus on both the spine, which houses the nervous system and the nervous system itself. The two are connected because the spinal cord attaches to the spine.

Promoting an Efficient Nervous System

When there’s a disturbance in the spinal cord, it affects the way that messages are being transmitted to the brain. The result is dysfunction in the way that the body is being coordinated. What we do is we work with the spine and the nervous system so that it can be more efficient and healthy and be sending proper messages throughout the body.

When the transmission of those messages can occur, you’ll be healthy, and your body will function optimally.

Dealing With Stress Overload

From parenting challenges to work-related demands to world events, it’s no wonder that many people have a lot of stress. The majority of people have overwhelmed nervous systems. There comes this point where there’s this maladaptive process in our body, and we can adapt to stress the best we can. It’s just our nervous system is so overloaded with stressors. The body can then start to function inefficiently and inappropriately.

Fostering Appropriate Communication and Balance

Our approach to care focuses on helping the body to be to get and send appropriate messages back into the brain about what’s happening. The brain can reorganize where there’s this maladaptive process, so now there’s this healthy, adaptive process where the brain is going to be getting better messages and from the body and the spinal cord.

Teaching Practice Members to ‘Fish’

The gentle adjustments we provide are highly effective and get real, sustainable results. Dr. Lindsay likes to use the proverb of teaching a person to fish versus giving that individual a fish.

“So instead of fixing you and the alignment issue, we want to teach your body and nervous system to be able to do it on its own. That’s why our adjustments are different is because our outcome is different,” said Dr. Lindsay.

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