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Meet Dr. Lindsay Mack

As a chiropractor, my passion gets to be expressed every single day. I truly love showing up to the office, and am excited to see people.

While doing clinicals in nursing school, Dr. Lindsay saw a chiropractor for the first time which was a suggestion from her holistically minded mom. The goal was to improve Dr. Lindsay’s health and wellness.

She saw the chiropractor and within a month and a half decided to become a chiropractor herself. Because Dr. Lindsay was at nursing school, she did not see the chiropractor on a regular basis; however, she did notice how fantastic she felt after her appointments. “I said, ‘If people can feel this great without drugs or surgery, that’s what we should be doing.'” This was the start of her path to wanting to help others the same way.

Receiving a Diagnosis of GAD but No Answers

At 21, Dr. Lindsay was diagnosed with severe generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). She was in a perpetual state of panic. Many well-meaning people referred her to numerous doctors. Dr. Lindsay ended up seeing five doctors and receiving multiple prescriptions, yet was never examined. She wasn’t interested in getting any of the prescriptions filled and knew there had to be a better way to get well.

The fifth doctor she saw prescribed Dr. Lindsay a popular antidepressant. Dr. Lindsay asked her if there was anything else to try that didn’t involve medication. The doctor recommended journaling. Though Dr. Lindsay started to journal and saw that it had some benefits, it didn’t cure her GAD.

Finally Finding Solutions & Help

Dr. Lindsay moved out of state to go to chiropractic school. There she got serious about taking a healthy approach to her own care and found a new chiropractor. She did research to find someone who was highly holistic and help her understand her body. He gave her a timeline, plan and frequency for her care.

Dr. Lindsay’s new chiropractor also got her on a new journey toward health and well-being. She received regular chiropractic care that wasn’t based on her symptoms. That chiropractor’s approach changed Dr. Lindsay’s life and set her on the path to ultimate chiropractic care, which is different from a mainstream chiropractic approach. This form of care is more nervous system-based than joint-based and affects the brain, as well as giving a deeper understanding of whole body, physical and emotional changes.

Dr. Lindsay went from a point of being in complete fight-or-flight mode and having rashes and other physical symptoms to being at complete ease. “I no longer get stressed about any symptom because I have a sense of awareness and peace within my body.”

Education and Certification

Dr. Lindsay graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2012 with a Doctor of Chiropractic. She then earned a Level 3 certification in the Network Spinal (NS) technique. Dr. Lindsay studied the method in Italy, New York, Denver, and Peru.

Before opening Advanced Chiropractic Life Center, she wanted to have experience working outside of the United States. So, Dr. Lindsay moved to Peru and practiced there for three years.

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Dr. Lindsay finds it highly fulfilling to make an impact and difference in the lives of her practice members.

“My desire is to help change lives not just by addressing people’s symptoms because we are not just our symptoms such as headaches and back pain. Through chiropractic care, each practice member can have a body that’s adaptable and a nervous system that knows how to find ease and isn’t overwhelmed.”

Listen to Kyah, Judy, Desare, Donna, and Jade tell their stories of healing and transformation under Dr. Lindsay’s care. Click here to watch their video testimonials!

Enjoying Time With Family

When she’s not at the practice, Dr. Lindsay enjoys spending time with her young son Reed. “We’re always finding new and fun things to do together.” She also enjoys connecting with friends and colleagues and pursuing professional and personal development opportunities that support her whole well-being.

Dr. Lindsay also loves spending free time with her sisters and their children, who live close by.

Serving You

“You can be confident knowing that we’re never going to make you do anything you don’t want to do. There is never any pressure placed on our practice members. We are here to serve you and partner with you on your journey to peak health.”

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