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What No One Wants To Talk About

chiropractic adjustment tableMany times when someone hears that I am a chiropractor or knows that I am a chiropractor, our conversation goes to their low back pain or spinal issues. Sometimes in those moments, I have to reset myself because I have myself in a much bigger box. I do realize that for a lot of people that has been their primary and maybe only experience of chiropractic care. There are many other reasons to come to see us. We are more often sought out for health concerns other than pain. Kind of surprising, right?

Hidden Issues

In today’s world, people commonly experience health issues that aren’t fun to share on social media. They don’t want to write a google review because it’s super personal and intimate. In fact, our patients usually hear about our office from a friend instead of a google search or Facebook.

That means you’ve probably never heard a story like this.

We just recently had a new patient come in who heard about us from 2 different friends and her medical doctor. Her concerns are PTSD, anxiety, IBS and her doctor associated the IBS with her panic attacks (her bowel being overreactive because of the panic attacks). Her MD referred her to our office because she has an overactive nervous system in fight or flight, and she isn’t able to regulate that for herself. She was having panic attacks more frequently in the last 6 months with the increased stress of the pandemic so she reached out to our office. She had not been able to go to work on a Monday in the past 6 weeks specifically because of her panic attacks and her digestive system. That recently changed and she was able to go in on a Monday after starting care. Her boss noticed and was surprised to see her. This is just an example of what people do not want to express on social media, even if they have had improvements or total resolution.

Now, how did that happen? When the nervous system is functioning in a state of chronic stress, it’s unable to regulate itself and calm down or adapt to the environment. That’s where Advanced Chiropractic Life Center comes in.

Another recent example is a new patient who came in and she had a medical intervention that her body didn’t respond well to. She was having a sense of burning all over her body and intense muscle tension all over her body. Now after 3 weeks of care, she is feeling the best she has since it happened. Her body was unable to adapt to the intervention and stay resilient in a proper way. Her system was overwhelmed and unable to move past that.

How We Can Help

Improving nervous system function is incredibly supportive for these people, and they don’t want to get on social media – which I completely understand! Their friends told them about us or they were referred by their holistic doctor or nurse practitioner. I am sharing these 2 scenarios because they are common events in our office and these both just happened last week.

We’ve helped SO many people with panic attacks, overwhelm, and worry. We’ve helped so many with Crohn’s and IBS – and the opposite, constipation. Imagine this for a moment: How many people do not want to share with people who aren’t close friends and family that this is going on and changing for them? 

These issues are real. It’s happening. It’s common but it’s not normal. The reason that we get the changes that we do is because we address the nervous system. That’s what makes us different.

It’s not that we don’t address chronic pain where people have been everywhere and done everything, we do. It’s just that I want to make sure that my community knows that we are here to help with these other things in a different way than you ever thought was possible.

Your nervous system runs everything. If it’s not running efficiently, it’s going to affect your physical health. This is our cutting-edge and holistic view of looking at health – through the nervous system. Is it efficient? Is it able to keep up with the demands of the environment and their body? What happens if it can’t?

Addressing this helps patients with a larger range of physical, mental, and emotional health issues.

Contact Us

These are problems that most people do not want to share with the world, but it’s happening in our community. It may be your friends, family, your neighbors, the people you work with, or you.

If you are struggling, reach out to us. If we can’t help you, we’ll send you to someone who can.


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