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Over The Edge

We have a lot of people that come into our office that are struggling with anxiety.

They will say that during their day, there will be one minor thing that happens that they know is small that sets them over the edge. That can be racing thoughts or a panic attack, or they feel like their body is on edge.

If this is something that becomes part of your daily life, that can be overwhelming and you can start to feel helpless.

My job is to help people who feel like they can’t get out of that or they don’t know what to do to get out of it, to have resources, and to be able to move from being in more what’s called the fight or flight mode into that rest and digest mode in their body.

When your nervous system is balanced and your body is easily able to go from that fight or flight mode into that rest and digest mode, you feel so much better and your body should easily be able to do this.

It’s like driving your car and easily being able to go from your foot on the gas pedal to the brake pedal as you need to.

This can also help issues when you get this balance, it can also help issues like inflammation in your body, digestive issues, and IBS.

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