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Video: No Proof Adjustments Work? Seeing Is Believing

Showing, Not Telling

How do you know if your adjustments are working? We believe in showing you and not just telling you.

In our office, we take electronic measurements that measure your nervous system.

We take those scans in the very beginning before you start to care, and then throughout care to track your progress.

Stories of Success

We also have hundreds of testimonials and reviews, and one of my favorite stories is about a woman who came in with adrenal fatigue, joint pain and hair loss.

Her hair was falling out, she had an eye twitch, and all of those things resolved with care.

Her medical doctor told her about our office and that we had more of a nervous system-based approach.

She never tried anything like it before.

Her story is amazing. I love hearing stories about it. It was hard to pick one to even share with you today.

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