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IBS & Fight or Flight vs. Rest & Digest

Digestive issues can be so uncomfortable to deal with.

Things like IBS and constipation and bloating are things that are uncomfortable for people to talk about, yet a lot of people struggle with these issues daily, and I’ve taken care of a lot of people and patients when they first come in that are dealing with these intense digestive symptoms and issues.

What they weren’t aware of before is that those two things are connected. When you’re dealing with a lot of stress, you can be stuck in what’s called fight or flight mode and that mode does not allow your body to enter what’s called rest and digest mode.

We can see those two modes of the nervous system here.

The yellow nerves here are those stress or fight or flight nerves, and then the green ones here are the nerves that are in charge of that rest and digest.

If you’re stuck in these yellow nerves or the fight or flight, you’re not going to be able to run your digestion like you could or digest your food properly.

My job is to help you balance your nervous system so it’s working appropriately and can focus on that rest and digest if it’s been in that fight or flight for too long.

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