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Video: Hey Doctor, What Did I Do?

“Hey Dr. Lindsay, I don’t know what I did!”


If anyone starts a conversation with me like that, I know a couple of things.


The first is that they’re in pain, and the second is they’re trying to figure out what they physically did to cause that pain.


3 Types of Stress

Too many people overlook other components that are causing their chronic neck pain, shoulder tension, stiffness, or that sudden flare up in their low back.


There are two other types of stress beyond physical stress that people are trying to figure out and correlate with their physical pain.


There’s chemical stress, which a lot of times is related to nutrition and what we’re eating that we shouldn’t be or what we’re missing in our diet that we should be eating.


Then, there’s emotional stress.


We know that that type of stress in our lives has a major impact, whether it’s work, school, family, kids, or everything else that’s going on in our lives…. but we often forget that emotional stress has an impact on how we physically feel and our physical health.


So the next time you find yourself thinking, “I don’t know what I did,” think about those three stressors: physical, chemical, and emotional.


Make sure that you’re seeing a health care provider that can help you address all three, like a fantastic chiropractor who can make sure that your body is as resilient as possible so it’s functioning at its best.

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