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Helping To Ease Anxiety In Children

I take care of a lot of kids in my office, and one of the reasons that parents will bring their child here is that their child is dealing with anxiety or nervousness when it comes to certain things like going to school or handling changes in a routine, or simply just getting up in the morning, and getting dressed, and brushing their teeth.

Things that should be fairly easy to do or adapt to are difficult for these kids because there’s a lack of ease in their nervous system.

When there is a lack of ease in the child’s nervous system, they can become easily overwhelmed and stressed.

This makes it more difficult for them to be able to focus or get their homework done after school or even deal with anything that’s outside of their normal day-to-day routine.

Some kids are even anxious or nervous the first couple of times they come into the office.

Then after that, they start grabbing their own kid’s face cloth, putting it on the table, and jumping right on the table for their adjustment.

The adjustments in our office are safe. They’re extremely effective.

They’re very, very gentle, and they work to bring back ease into your child’s nervous system again.

That makes it easier for them to deal with transitions and emotions, and it also makes it easier for you as their parent.

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