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Ear Infections

Ear infections are one of the biggest reasons that kids under three go to the pediatrician.

What happens during an ear infection is that the tubes in the ears get blocked, and inflamed, and extremely painful, and children are more likely to get an ear infection than an adult because the tubes in their ears are more horizontal versus an adult where they’re more vertical, and the fluid can drain easier.

If the tubes are more horizontal and then you also have a spinal misalignment that’s putting pressure on those tubes, the fluid will be blocked in the ear and won’t be allowed to drain and be more likely to create an infection.

What we do with adjustments are we adjust the spine with a small, very gentle, specific adjustment that allows the fluid to drain and prevents the possibility of an infection or can help your child resolve their ear infection.

A lot of people or a lot of parents bring their children into the office because they feel comfortable with such very gentle adjustments.

Their children love getting on the table. They love interacting with us and we have a family-friendly office.

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