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Dr. Lindsay's Special Secret to Weight Loss

Handful of berriesIt’s that time…it’s on EVERYBODY’S MIND.

It’s that season.

What season is that you say?

It’s here – everyone’s (probably) LEAST favorite and MOST discouraging season…

It’s weight-loss-get-your-body-ready-for-summer season!

This can be so discouraging because most of the time we want to be somewhere in a day that takes time, commitment, and healthy choices made over and over again to achieve the results you’re looking for.

So – this is my special secret when it comes to weight loss. Because it takes time to get where you want to be anyway, incorporate this:

STOP focusing on depriving yourself of all the bad crap you know you shouldn’t be eating, especially if you’re already eating it daily or more than once a week. Yes, that means right now…just keep eating it.


START focusing on adding in healthy, nutritious food. What helps so many people I work with is focusing on making sure they get fruits, vegetables, superfoods, antioxidants, and fresh local produce into their body to help them build, repair, regulate, maintain, detox, whatever it is that your body needs to do to function properly – and the first step is to NOT worry about ditching the crap (the exception of course is unless you’ve received advice from your doctor that you really need to right now for your immediate health, which is starting to happen more and more frequently).

Some Ideas For Implementing

Start by adding a small, easily-attainable goal for the first week:

  • “I’m going to add a small salad to dinner every day.”
  • Or “I’m going to eat an apple every day.”
  • Or “I’m meal-prepping for my lunches this week.”

Then, on week 2, you can choose to continue what you did in week 1, or build on it. Maybe in week 2 or 3 is adding an apple at lunch and adding a superfood shake for breakfast. Again, you only choose what you are ADDING IN.

The next step is, when you are ready, to eliminate foods that aren’t healthy: sugar, gluten, dairy, etc. When you are ready, you will feel ready and maybe even excited as this may feel easy to you by this point.

What This Does

  1. Increases your value within yourself for nutrition, your body, your health, and well…you.
  2. Decreases feelings of guilt and shame for “falling off the wagon”.
  3. Eliminates the battle with feeling deprived of what you want to eat.
  4. Keeps you on track so you’ll be able to enjoy the level of well-being you only get from living a healthy lifestyle long-term.
  5. Creates a habit of thinking about and choosing fruits and vegetables more often.
  6. Resets your desire and cravings from sugary foods to healthy foods.
  7. Creates more desire to make other healthy lifestyle choices, improving your overall health and well-being.
  8. Creates a higher likelihood that you achieve and sustain a healthy weight that feels good to you.

We Can Help

Feel like your body needs an extra boost that goes beyond food? We can help. Contact us to book an appointment for a focused, gentle adjustment.

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About The Author

Meet Dr. Lindsay Mack

Dr. Lindsay graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2012 with a Doctor of Chiropractic. She then earned a Level 3 certification in the Network Spinal (NS) technique. Dr. Lindsay studied the method in Italy, New York, Denver, and Peru. She finds it highly fulfilling to make an impact and difference in the lives of her practice members.

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