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Does It Seem Like Your Child Is Going 100MPH?

I take care of a lot of kids in my office, and a common phrase that parents will use when they first bring their kiddos in is that it seems like he’s always going 100 mph, or he just never seems to slow down or has a really difficult time going from one mode to the other.

If your child’s nervous system is stressed and it’s stuck more in that fight or flight mode, it probably does feel like they’re going 100 mph.

Being in more of that stressed mode can make it very difficult for anyone, especially a child, to be able to switch to a calmer, rest, and digest mode when they need to or when they’re expected to.

It’s kind of like having an engine of a Lamborghini but having the brakes of a bicycle. The two don’t go together.

The extremely gentle adjustments that we do in our office teach their brain and their bodies to communicate in a way that they’re supposed to, and it gives them that healthy balance between going 100 mph and being able to relax.

We see a lot of kids when they first come in that they’re kind of restless on the table, and they have a hard time sitting still for an adjustment.

Then we see after a little bit that they start to relax, and then they want to go lay upon the table all by themselves.

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