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How Chiropractic Improves Muscle Relaxation

Have you ever felt your shoulders and noticed that they feel really, really tight, or maybe you’ve had a massage and the therapist told you that?

Well, I want to explain to you more about why that happens in the first place, from a root-cause approach. Any time that you have a stressor, whether it be physical or mental stress or emotional stress, your body will physically tense up from that reaction. Your nervous system interprets that information when it is stressed, and it does something about it, it reacts. I’m sure you’ve had an experience that you noticed was stressful where maybe you were sitting all day at work, or you were just working hard and focused, or something happened that was stressful to you mentally or emotionally and you probably have felt that build up in your body. What we want to do is we want to teach your body from a root cause level and approach to release that tension from a nervous system level because your nervous system is the reason that it reacted that way in the first place. We want to teach you to release that tension that it had so your muscles can relax again. Then we also want to show your body how to work more efficiently so that next time when there’s stress, you’re able to adapt more efficiently, and it doesn’t just pile back on.

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